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6 Year Anniversary Quotes

6 year anniversary quotes are a great way to commemorate the occasion and celebrate the lasting love between two people. Anniversary quotes can be sweet, funny, or heartfelt, and they are a great way to express your feelings to your loved one.

June 26th marks the 6 year anniversary of the devastating earthquake in Haiti. To commemorate the event, quotes from survivors and aid workers offer a unique perspective on the tragedy.

6 Year Anniversary Quotes

  • ‘‘6 years is just like the blink of an eye when I know that I can spend many more years with you. Happy 6 year anniversary, baby.’’
  • “Our hectic jobs barely give us time to spend some quality together. But today it’s all about you and me only. Let’s love more, laugh more, and live more together!”
  • ‘‘We had our share of arguments, disagreements and conflicts, but we have risen stronger as a couple by overcoming it together. Happy 6 year anniversary my dear.’’
  • “Happiness is only real when shared”. In six years of our marriage, you have given me everything unconditionally but never asked for anything in return. I love you and admire you the most in this world.“

6 Year Anniversary Quotes for Boyfriend

  • ‘‘We had our share of arguments, disagreements and conflicts, but we have risen stronger as a couple by overcoming it together. Happy 6 year anniversary my dear.’’
  • “Seriously, six freaking years we’ve spent together. Can you believe that! Though we are poles apart personalities i think that’s what keeps us together. Cheers to our 6th wedding anniversary.”
6 Year Anniversary Quotes for Husband
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  • ‘‘I will never trade the six wonderful years that we had for anything else. I loved you, and I always will. Happy 6 year anniversary to both of us.’’
  • “Till yet, our wedding life is one hell of a roller coaster ride and I enjoyed every moment to the fullest. Happy anniversary my superman!”
  • ‘‘The 6th anniversary isn’t a memorable milestone by any means, but every day I spent with you will always be cherished in my memories. Thank you for the wonderful times we had together.’’
  • “Before you, my life was all about achieving goals. Then you came and my perspective on life changed completely. Thank you for making me a wonderful mother and a compassionate human being!”
  • ‘‘We have been together for far longer than this, but here’s to our 6th wedding anniversary, my love. I’m so blessed to have married you.’’

6 Year Anniversary Quotes for Boyfriend

  • “Some feelings can’t be expressed in words. All I want to say is you have changed my life completely. I just want to savor these feelings for the lifetime!”
  • ‘‘Years may come and go, and we may age and be old. In any case, I know that I will be safe with you, now and always. Happy 6th wedding anniversary to the love of my life.’’
  • “Tying wedding knot with you was the best decision of my life. I may not say it everyday but thank you for being in my life and making it better and full of love. I wish you a  happy wedding anniversary!”
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6th Anniversary Wishes for Wife
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  • ‘‘My life started when I met you, and it only got better when I married you. Here’s to 6 years being married, my dearest. I love you.’’
  • “All it takes is one special person to make you believe that true love exists. You are that person for me. Every fiber of my body loves you unconditionally. Happiest Wedding anniversary!”
  • ‘‘It’s only our 6th wedding anniversary now, but 10 years, 30 years from today, I’ll still cherish you as I do today and more. This, I promise you. Cheers to us, my dear.’’
  • “3 cheers for our love, friendship, and 3rd wedding anniversary. Way to go my husband!”
  • ‘‘I would not have believed in love and how wonderful loving someone can be if it hadn’t been for you. I hope that we will have many more happy years together. Happy 6th wedding anniversary my love.’’

6 Year Anniversary Quotes for Husband

  • “Our 2nd wedding anniversary makes me reminiscent of the day you proposed and vowed to spend the rest of the life together. Thank you for being such a lovely and supportive husband”.
  • ‘‘It feels as if I have known you for far longer than these few years, and it’s only our 6 year wedding anniversary.I promise to love you, this year, next year and for many years more. Happy 6 year wedding anniversary.’’

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  • “Another year passed and our unconditional love for each other have become more intense and stronger. So glad to have such a dashing and humble man in my life. Happy wedding anniversary sweetheart!”
6 Year Anniversary Quotes for Boyfriend
Image by monicore from Pixabay
  • ‘‘Happy 6 year wedding anniversary to the both of us! Life has been made to a much more adventurous and amazing story thanks to your presence. Here’s to many more years being together!’’
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6 Year Anniversary Quotes for Girlfriend

  • “Sometimes, it takes whole life to find true love. I guess I hit the jackpot in just one year. Happy 1st wedding anniversary to my lovely and obedient husband.”
  • ‘‘Happy 6 year wedding anniversary to the best husband in the world! You made me laugh, made me cry and made me feel many more things, but most of all, you made me feel loved. I love you.’’
  • “365 days have passed and every single day you made me feel more special and beautiful. With you, life seems more happening. Let’s make the rest of our journey magical.”
  • ‘‘How wonderful it is that we are celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary and we’re still acting like honeymooners? I love you so very much, my best friend and wife!’’
  • ‘‘We may be tested with our share of obstacles and hurdles, but we have braved through it all the past 6 years and more. Here’s to us – Happy 6th anniversary!’’
  • ‘‘In a few decades, we will be old and gray, and this 6 year wedding anniversary would be a long lost memory in our faded minds. But even then, I will still love you. Happy 6th wedding anniversary baby.’’

6th Anniversary Wishes for Wife

  • ‘‘Happy 6th anniversary my dear! This year, I wish for us both to thrive and improve in our own ways, so that we will always be a better version of ourselves for each other. I love you.’’

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  • ‘‘Happy 6th anniversary to the most loving, caring and understanding spouse that I can ever wish for. It’s a wonder how you were able to stand me this long!’’

6th Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Friends

  • ‘‘Happy 6th anniversary to my dearest partner in crime! We have been through so much and yet we are still standing strong – I think that’s worth a good celebration!’’
  • ‘‘I may not say or show it often, but I do appreciate everything that you have done for me. Thank you for everything, and happy 6th anniversary my dear.’’

To commemorate the sixth anniversary, many couples exchange quotes that mean something special to them. These quotes can be about the relationship itself, or about the memories and experiences they have shared together. Some couples also use these quotes to help them reflect on the future of their relationship.

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