Have you ever been in a situation where you were hurt over and over again? That as you were trying to pull the scar off and the place tries to heal a bit, you are hurt again. Painful isn’t it? This site talks about setting yourself free from that intense desire to be healed. We let go of that desire. We face the pain. We let pain heal the wound. For as your threshold for pain deepens, your ability to love grows all the more so that your heart will not be having any room for hatred, for grudge, for resentment. It’s the heart that catches what the mind can no longer hold. When you feel like giving up, it’s the heart that gives out hope that everything will just be fine in the end.

KnowQuotes.com are life’s treasure of wisdom from within that are intended to be shared for inspiration and self-healing. This treasure trove consists of thoughts from the heart that has been extracted from real life experiences, collected and presented to you in a manner that will make you realize that everything comes down to love in the end.

KnowQuotes.com are thoughts from the heart categorized as follows:


Life Quotes shares you a treasure of wisdom quotes with a few lines of reflection or deeper meaning as applied to our daily lives. It is a collection of quotes, sayings, and short poems about life, love quotes and sayings, and short stories of inspiration that can help you live your life to the fullest. Read through a soul’s journey to worlds beyond infinity in its quest for the essence of love.

Inspirational/Motivational Quotes,  Friendship Poems, All Types Of Poems, Success Quotes, Spiritual Quotes and Overcoming Adversity Quotes that you find here have their own stories to tell – true to life stories – failures and success, of hardships and happiness, of love and sacrifice. This a collection of original quotes and sayings based from real life experiences. Each quote is showcased through an image artistically created and manipulated with the explanation or story behind blogged in detail.


These are inspirational and/or motivational quotes, sayings and poems to help you find your drive or motivation, to never lose hope and always keep the faith.


Spiritual quotes are those that can inspire you to hold on to your faith in God and to strengthen your relationship with Him. This is a way of cleansing your soul and revitalizing your spirit.


These quotes do not pertain to being successful in terms of material wealth but of the quality of life you are living. The sayings, quotes and poems in here are all related to attaining happiness from within because for us, that is an indicator of success.


These are quotes, quotations, sayings and poems about how to deal with life’s adversity, difficulties, struggles and challenges.


Love quotes that help you improve your relationship with your loved ones, to rekindle the fire that was once lost, to find strength and inspiration especially for those who are tested by distance and time and those who are at the verge of calling it quits.


You can find here the best original love poems and prose, straight from the heart.

These are heart touching love letters that expresses intense emotions and feelings.


Famous Quotes is a collection of famous quotes and sayings by both anonymous and famous authors. It presents to you a vast collection of love quotes, truly inspiring and motivational.

How To Articles are articles providing a general or step by step information practically about personal excellence, how to improve your relationship with yourself and others. These articles consist of steps of instructions, list of tips and pieces of advice.

May you find these quotes, poems, letters and articles a source of inspiration and as I share with you what I learn in life, I hope of learning from you too as you open up your hearts and share your life with me.