How to Stop Someone From Drinking and Driving

Anti Drinking and Driving Slogans

It is no secret that drinking and driving is a risky behavior. Every day, people are killed or seriously injured in drunk driving accidents. In order to save lives and prevent injuries, law enforcement and safety advocates have come up with some memorable slogans to discourage people from driving while intoxicated. Here are some of the most effective Anti Drinking and Driving Slogans.

Looking for some Anti Drinking and Driving Slogans to help spread the word about the dangers of drinking and driving? Look no further, we’ve got you covered.

Anti Drinking and Driving Slogans

‘‘A tree never hits a driver except in self-defense.’’

“Drunk driving is an epidemic on the rise and we need to do all we can to prevent further tragedies.”

“More people die on a per mile basis from drunk walking than from drunk driving.” – A. J. Jacobs

“Many a man who is drunk prefers to drive because he feels he is in no condition to walk.” – Evan Esar

‘‘Alcohol addiction is self-destruction, let it not snatch away your life from you.’’

Drinking and Driving Slogans

‘‘Drinking affects more than just you.’’

‘‘Drinking and driving cost you more than just money.’’

‘‘Be the way a sober is, be safe.’’

“Most of those who are driven to drink, make the trip in the driver’s seat.” – Evan Esar

“A woman drove me to drink and I didn’t even have the decency to thank her.” – W. C. Fields

“If you drink and drive, sooner or later, you’re gonna meet the Undertaker.” – Vince McMahon

‘‘Think more than you drink, drive a sober way.’’

Drinking and Driving Slogans

How to Stop Someone From Drinking and Driving

‘‘Stop drinking and driving, save your life’’

‘‘Your family is waiting for you at home’’

‘‘Don’t become a ruthless one, be an intelligent one.’’

“A tree never hits an automobile except in self defense.” – American Proverb

“The problem with drinking and driving is that trees defend themselves very well.”

“Each drink you have before driving impairs your judgement, don’t drink and drive.”

“The driver is safer when the roads are dry, the roads are safer when the driver is dry.”            

Anti Drunk Driving Slogans       

‘‘Think twice when you drink and drive’’

‘‘You cannot go slow when you drink and drive’’

‘‘Have the situation under control, don’t let the alcohol control you.’’

‘‘Be the man with responsibilities’’

“Drinking and driving: there are stupider things, but it’s a very short list.”

“Drink the first. Sip the second slowly. Skip the third.” – Knute Rockne

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“Drinking and driving kills someone every 48 minutes, don’t be a murderer.”

“Drinking and driving can destroy lives and families.” – Valerie Mendralla

Stop Drinking and Driving Quotes

‘‘There are high hopes for your family, don’t leave them with hopelessness’’

‘‘Imagine a world free of drinking and driving, imagine a world of safety’’

‘‘He is on the loose, he has taken the booze’’

“The problem with drinking and driving is the mourning after.”

“You can hand over your keys or your life. Make the right choice.”       

“The one for the road may be two for the cemetery.” – Evan Esar

“You can’t repeal the effects of alcohol. Don’t mix gasoline and liquor.”   

Anti Drinking and Driving Phrases

Anti Drinking and Driving Phrases

‘‘Don’t let it snatch your life away from you’’

‘‘Mama says no to drinking and driving, be a good son.’’

‘‘This disease has no cure’’

‘‘You do not mean to say goodbye to your loved ones, but you will if you drink and drive.’’

“If you drink, don’t drive”

“You can have a good time without alcohol”

“Alcohol and driving don’t mix”

Anti Drinking and Driving Sayings

“Don’t risk your life for the sake of a few drinks”

‘‘Your premature death might stop others but we want you the first one to realize it.’’

‘‘You will not be getting any posthumous award for this.’’

‘‘Don’t lose your control, or the death will have control over you’’

‘‘Don’t you have any responsibilities?!’’

“If you drink, don’t drive”

Slogans for Anti Drinking and Driving

“Drink responsibly – it’s not worth risking your life for one night of fun”

“Drinking and driving is never worth the risk!”

“You can always find another ride home if you’re not able to drive yourself!”

‘‘You drink and drive but not at the same time. Keep these two apart.’’

‘‘You are going to achieve everything in your life if you stop drinking and driving.’’

‘‘Being sober is much better than being dead.’’

“It’s not worth it to get behind the wheel after drinking”

“Drink responsibly! Don’t drink and drive!”

“Stay sober and save lives”

Slogans for Anti Drinking and Driving

Anti Drinking Slogans

“Don’t drink and drive, because you might hit a bump in the road”

Don’t drink and drive, and you’ll stay alive.

Don’t Drink and Drive, Arrive Alive.

Don’t drive any faster than your guardian angel can fly.

“Alcohol doesn’t kill people, cars with alcohol in them do.”

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“It’s better to be sober than sorry.”

“You’re not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on.”

“If you’re going to drink, then take the keys with you.”

Drive Hammered. Get Slammered.

Driving hammered will get you nailed.

Drunk Driving is a Killer Disease.

Once attention lost, Accident comes across.

“Don’t drink and drive – call me!”

“I’m not drunk, I’m just a little uncoordinated”

“Drinking and driving don’t mix.”

Friends don’t let friends drive drunk.

If you drink and drive, you’re going to make someone cry.

Live to enjoy the memory. Don’t Drink and Drive.

What Is a Good Slogan for Anti Alcohol?

A good slogan for anti alcohol would beDon‘t be a fool, alcohol is not cool.” This is a catchy phrase that would make people think twice about drinking alcohol. It is a simple, yet effective message that can help to reduce the consumption of alcohol.

Do Not Drink and Drive Quotes?

Drinking and driving is a serious offense that can lead to devastating consequences. The following quotes highlight the dangers of drinking and driving and the importance of being responsible when operating a vehicle.

“A single moment of distraction can ruin your life.”

“You’re not only putting yourself at risk when you drink and drive, you’re endangering the lives of others on the road.”

“Drinking and driving is a deadly combination. Don’t take the risk.”

“If you’re going to drink, don’t drive. It’s not worth the risk.”

“Don’t let a night of fun turn into a lifetime of regret.”

Who Is Most Likely to Drink and Drive?

There is no definitive answer to this question as there are a variety of factors that can contribute to someone‘s likelihood of drinking and driving. However, some groups of people are generally considered to be at a higher risk for drinking and driving than others. For example, young people are often more likely to take risks and engage in risky behaviors like drinking and driving than older adults. Additionally, men are typically more likely to drink and drive than women. This is likely due to a combination of factors, including social expectations and norms.

Drinking and driving is a serious problem that can lead to devastating consequences. There are a number of Anti Drinking and Driving Slogans that can help to raise awareness of the issue and encourage people to make responsible choices.

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