Unexpected Falling in Love With Your Best Friend Quotes

Falling in Love With Best Friend Quotes

When it comes to love, we often think about finding that special someone. But what about falling in love with your best friend? These quotes capture the special feeling of finally realizing you‘re in love with your best friend.

Looking for the best falling in love with best friend quotes? Check out our collection of top quotes about falling in love with your best friend.

Falling in Love With Best Friend Quotes

“Falling in love with your best friend is a complicated thing because no matter how much you love each other, both of you are scared somehow that it might ruin a perfect friendship you have.”

“Thank you for being my best friend and my lover. You are my shoulder to cry on and the reason for my smile.”

“Telling your best friend that you love her is hard but if you never told her that you love her you will regret it one day.”

“I wonder if you feel the same as I do, I think we are just afraid of losing each other.”

“Even though everyone else just saw you as an ordinary girl, you already mean the world to me.”

“I feel we are somewhere in the middle of love and friendship.”

Unexpected Falling in Love With Your Best Friend Quotes

“Best friends are full of joy and life. ”

“You know me from the time when we were kids and I never told this secret to anyone, will you spend your life with me.”

“You fell in love with your best friend, and once it is over, they would still be the one who will comfort you.”

“Loving your best friend is hard because one step further will either make you fall harder or ruin your friendship.”

“Our love story is the simplest of all. We became friends but we meant to be more than.”

“I do not know how I do it, how I pretend to be just a friend when you are so much more to me than that.”

Falling in Love With Your Best Friend Quotes

“The most beautiful relationship in this world starts with friendship.”

“The best relationship that you can have is when your lover is also your best friend.”

“Isn’t it great how two souls who do not even know each other become closest to one another in the form of friendship and this friendship grows into love.”

“Falling in love with your best friend is natural, but having your best friend as your partner for life is the real treasure.”

Confessions Falling in Love With Your Best Friend Quotes

Confessions Falling in Love With Your Best Friend Quotes

“It is no secret why we fall in love with our best friend. A person’s heart always wants to be from where he gets the warmth, love, comfortability… and a best friend provides it all.”

“The person who drops everything for you no matter what the circumstances are is your best friend who loves you more than you have ever known.”

“Despite knowing what a mess you are, I am falling for you harder each day.”

“We know each other from the time when we were kids, and it took me so long to admit that I want to spend my whole life with you.”

“Sometimes you both are in love and need time to acknowledge it.”

“Being in love with each other while being best friends at the same time is the best kind of relationship.”

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Falling in Love With a Friend Quotes

“We first met as strangers, became friends, then best friends. I could not believe that we are lovers right now, but I do not forget to count you as one of my blessings every day.”

“It was the best feeling when my heart tells me that the angel you’re looking for is your best friend.”

“The moment I saw you, my heart beat like crazy. You are my best friend and if I lose you I will cry.”

“When two friends fall in love with each other their lives become perfect. They fit right into each other just like the puzzle pieces fit together.”

“If you are best friends, you are already in love. The question is – which kind of love?”

“I fell in love with my best friend, Now I am close to him but still far away.”

“I would not be able to remain as your friend any longer. My heart is bursting with love for you, and I do not know how to contain it.”

I Fell in Love With My Best Friend Quotes

“Is it just me or we both are falling in love with each other. Just tell me because if it is JUST me, now is the best time to split our path.”

“I fervently wish that someday you will want me not just as a friend, but as much as you want her.”

“The greatest moment I have with you till now is when I told you that I LOVE YOU and you said I LOVE YOU TOO and after that we became lovers AND best friends.”

“The journey of life can become so much fun when your best friend is your life partner.”

“If you love your best friend don’t lose her because there are very few people who get the chance to spend their life with their best friend.”

Quotes About Falling in Love With Your Best Guy Friend

“When I started to hang out with you, I smiled a lot brighter and I laughed a lot merrier. That is because I already love you.”

“Once you are in love with your best friend, things can never be the same as before.”

“It really hurts to fall in love with your bestfriend and he love someone else. whenever he talks about that person my heart nearly stops beating and the only thing I want to do is shut people out and be alone.”

“When you are in love with your best friends it is almost impossible to love someone else or fall out of those feelings, because that person is always too close to you, it is almost impossible not to think about him.”

“Don’t blame your girl for being jealous of your girl friends. It is because you also started as friends before you became lovers.”

Don’t Fall in Love With Your Best Friend Quotes

“I always believed that there is someone in this world who was waiting for me but now I found you and I will never let you go because I’m in love with you my friend.”

“No one told me what to do when you fall in love with your best friend and now my heart tells me, go and tell her and my mind says wait for the right moment.”

“You can never be ‘just friend’ with a person you love. It kills you to see him every day and not talk about your feelings for him.”

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“Being in love with your best friend is natural and beautiful. You should admire and treasure that relation.”

“First time when we met and you said will you become my friend from that time I was in love with you.”

“I hate waiting, but if I’ve to wait for my best friend to become my partner, I can wait forever.”

I Fell in Love With My Best Friend Quotes

What Makes You Fall in Love With Someone Quotes

“When your best friend is your lover as well, that is the most comfortable relationship ever. You can open up to him and you can be honest with him easily, you understand each other, nothing else to ask for.”

“Wait for the person who will become your best friend. The one who brings out the best in you. You would have your happily ever after with that person.”

“Real happiness is mostly felt by people who married their best friend.”

“When you truly love someone, being their friend is not just enough.”

“Our journey from best friends to life partners still feels like a dream.”

What do you do when you fall in love with your best friend?

Living with your best friend can be one of the best things that ever happened to you, but it can also come with its own set of challenges. In this article, we’re going to look at how to make sense of a suddenly overwhelming and potentially life-changing situation. The topic of best friends taking over an ex’s living space is very common on Reddit. This led to these top ten tips being shared with the rest of the world.

How do you express your love words to your best friend?

During every stage of our lives, we are constantly honing and developing our understanding of others. By the time we’re adults, it can be extremely difficult to guess what another person is feeling or thinking. Just like experts at guessing people’s next moves in a game of Connect-the-Dots, we excel at identifying the emotions that may lie beneath the surface.

Can best friends fall in love quotes?

If you’re looking for a love quote to brighten your day, I have the best friend love quotes for you. There’s an endless supply of cute and romantic images on Instagram. The stories are even better.

Do best friends turn into lovers?

The girlfriend of an old friend finally gives in to the pressure and makes a move on him. They are clearly meant for each other, but is it too late? It looks like they have finally found happiness after all these years, but what will the future hold? It’s not every day that we see our school friends hit the big screen; however, one movie that made us all want to date our friend from school is Love, Simon. It’s been some time since the release of this.

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