Quotes for Blindness

Quotes for Blindness

Blindness is a difficult thing to deal with. It can be hard to see the positive in life when you can‘t see the world around you. However, there are many inspirational Quotes for Blindness that can help you see the light, even when you can’t see the physical world. These quotes can give you strength and hope when you’re struggling with blindness.

Quotes for Blindness is a collection of quotes about blindness, from famous people who are blind or have been blind. These quotes provide inspiration and hope for those who are dealing with blindness.

Quotes for Blindness

“Death is no more than passing from one room into another. But there’s a difference for me, you know. Because in that other room I shall be able to see.”

Helen Keller

“I am visible-see this Indian face-yet I am invisible. I both blind them with my beak nose and am their blind spot. But I exist, we exist. They’d like to think I have melted in the pot. But I haven’t. We haven’t.”

“Gradually I got used to the silence and darkness that surrounded me and forgot that it had ever been different, until she came—my teacher—who was to set my spirit free.”

“There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.”

Soren Kierkegaard

Blind Belief Quotes

Love Is Blind Quotes

“Doubt as sin. — Christianity has done its utmost to close the circle and declared even doubt to be sin. One is supposed to be cast into belief without reason, by a miracle, and from then on to swim in it as in the brightest and least ambiguous of elements: even a glance towards land, even the thought that one perhaps exists for something else as well as swimming, even the slightest impulse of our amphibious nature — is sin! And notice that all this means that the foundation of belief and all reflection on its origin is likewise excluded as sinful. What is wanted are blindness and intoxication and an eternal song over the waves in which reason has drowned.”

Friedrich Nietzsche, Daybreak: Thoughts on the Prejudices of Morality

Quotes for Love Is Blind

“For a long time Jonathan forgot about the world that he had come from, that place where the Flock lived with its eyes tightly shut to the joy of flight, using its wings as means to the end of finding and fighting for food. But now and then, just for a moment, he remembered.”

“Judging others makes us blind, whereas love is illuminating. By judging others we blind ourselves to our own evil and to the grace which others are just as entitled to as we are.”

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“Nobody sees anybody truly but all through the flaws of their own egos. That is the way we all see …each other in life. Vanity, fear, desire, competition– all such distortions within our own egos– condition our vision of those in relation to us. Add to those distortions to our own egos the corresponding distortions in the egos of others, and you see how cloudy the glass must become through which we look at each other. That’s how it is in all living relationships except when there is that rare case of two people who love intensely enough to burn through all those layers of opacity and see each other’s naked hearts.”

Tennessee Williams

Quotes About Blindness

“When I lost my sight, Werner, people said I was brave. When my father left, people said I was brave. But it is not bravery; I have no choice. I wake up and live my life. Don’t you do the same?”

Anthony Doerr, All the Light We Cannot See

“Fools dwelling in ignorance, yet imagining themselves wise and learned, go round and round in crooked ways, like the blind led by the blind.”

“His one sorrow was not solitude, it was that the other gulls refused to believe the glory of flight that awaited them; they refused to open their eyes and see.”

“We speak not only to tell other people what we think, but to tell ourselves what we think. Speech is a part of thought.”

Oliver Sacks, Seeing Voices

Quotes About Blindness

“Just because you are blind, and unable to see my beauty doesn’t mean it does not exist.”

Margaret Cho

“For in the end, [Huxley] was trying to tell us what afflicted the people in ‘Brave New World’ was not that they were laughing instead of thinking, but that they did not know what they were laughing about and why they had stopped thinking.”

“He came in to demand an answer and I told him the truth. That I have fought with myself over that night, one half of me swearing blind that I tied a simple slipknot, the other half convinced that I tied the Langford double. I can never know for sure.”

Quotes About Blindness

What Is Helen Keller’s Quote?

The famous Helen Keller quote is,When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.” This quote is often used to encourage people who are going through tough times.

Who Is the Most Famous Blind Person?

There are many famous blind people throughout history. Some of the most famous include Helen Keller, Louis Braille, and John Milton. Each of these individuals has made significant contributions to society, despite their disability.

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Helen Keller is probably the most famous blind person. She was born in the late 1800s and became blind and deaf at a young age. Despite her disabilities, she went on to graduate from college and become an advocate for the rights of disabled people. She also wrote a number of books, including her autobiography, which detailed her struggles and triumphs.

Louis Braille is another famous blind person. He was the inventor of the Braille system of reading and writing, which is used by blind people all over the world. His system has helped countless people communicate and learn, proving that blindness does not have to be a barrier to success.

John Milton is a third famous blind person. He was a renowned poet who wrote Paradise Lost, one of the most famous works in the English language. He composed his masterpiece despite being blind for the last several years of his life.

These are just a few of the many famous blind people who have made a lasting impact on the world. Their stories show that blindness does not have to be a hindrance to achieving great things.

What Are Light Quotes?

Light quotes are quotes about light. They can be about the physical light that we see around us, or they can be about the inner light that shines within us all. Either way, these quotes can be very inspiring and uplifting. Here are a few of our favorite light quotes:

“There is a light within all of us that will never go out.” -Unknown

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” -John 1:5

“Let your light shine so brightly that others can see their way out of the dark.” -Unknown

What Are Some Smart Quotes?

A smart quote is a quote that is particularly insightful or clever. Some examples of smart quotes are:

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Abraham Lincoln
“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” – Steve Jobs
“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” – Jimmy Dean

Quotes for Blindness is a moving and inspiring collection of quotes about blindness. The quotes come from a variety of sources, including famous people who are blind or have been affected by blindness. The quotes show that blindness can be a challenge, but it can also be a source of strength and inspiration. The quotes remind us that everyone has something to offer, regardless of their challenges.

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