Revenge Quotes

Revenge Quotes

There are many different ways to exact revenge on someone who has wronged you. You can go the route of getting even with them, making them feel the pain they caused you, or you can take the high road and let it go. No matter what you decide to do, these revenge quotes will give you the motivation you need to make the best decision for yourself.

Revenge is a strong emotion that can cloud our judgment and lead us to do things we may later regret. It can be difficult to let go of a desire for revenge, but its important to remember that it wont change what happened in the past and can only hurt us in the present. If youre struggling to let go of revenge, try to focus on forgiveness instead. Forgiving those who have hurt us can be difficult, but it can lead to a more peaceful and fulfilling life.

If you‘re looking for some motivation to take revenge on someone who has wronged you, read these Revenge Quotes.

Revenge Quotes

“I don’t want tea,” said Clary, with muffled force. “I want to find my mother. And then I want to find out who took her in the first place, and I want to kill them.”

“Unfortunately,” said Hodge, “we’re all out of bitter revenge at the moment, so it’s either tea or nothing.”

Cassandra Clare, City of Bones

“Let go of offence. Let go of fear. Let go of revenge. Don’t live angry, let go now.” – Joel Osteen

“We learn our lessons; we get hurt; we want revenge. Then we realize that actually, happiness and forgiving people is the best revenge.” – Madonna

“I will hurt you for this. I don’t know how yet, but give me time. A day will come when you think yourself safe and happy, and suddenly your joy will turn to ashes in your mouth, and you’ll know the debt is paid.”

George R.R. Martin, A Clash of Kings

Revenge Quotes

Revenge Quotes in English

“Harry was left to ponder in silence the depths to which girls would sink to get revenge.”

J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

“There is no need for revenge. Living happily ever after is a sign that you have not let the past beat you.” – Leon Brown

“Grudges are for those who insist that they are owed something; forgiveness, however, is for those who are substantial enough to move on.” – Criss Jami

“If you spend your time hoping someone will suffer the consequences for what they did to your heart, then you’re allowing them to hurt you a second time in your mind.”

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Shannon L. Alder

Revenge Quotes Hamlet

“Grudges are for those who insist that they are owed something; forgiveness, however, is for those who are substantial enough to move on.”

Criss Jami, Salomé: In Every Inch In Every Mile

“Nothing inspires forgiveness quite like revenge.” – Scott Adams

“Revenge is weak when provocation is the reason to prepare us strong for any battle.” – Alan Maiccon

“Anger, resentment and jealousy doesn’t change the heart of others– it only changes yours.”

Shannon Alder, 300 Questions to Ask Your Parents Before It’s Too Late

“Karma comes after everyone eventually. You can’t get away with screwing people over your whole life, I don’t care who you are. What goes around comes around. That’s how it works. Sooner or later the universe will serve you the revenge that you deserve.”

Jessica Brody, The Karma Club

Revenge Quotes for Him

Revenge Quotes From Hamlet

“Revenge is not a noble sentiment, but it is a human one.” – Rudy Giuliani

“The greatest revenge is to do what others say you cannot do.” – Anonymous

“He that has revenge in his power, and does not use it, is the greater man.” – Wellins Calcott

“Until a man is twenty-five, he still thinks, every so often, that under the right circumstances he could be the baddest motherfucker in the world. If I moved to a martial-arts monastery in China and studied real hard for ten years. If my family was wiped out by Colombian drug dealers and I swore myself to revenge. If I got a fatal disease, had one year to live, and devoted it to wiping out street crime. If I just dropped out and devoted my life to being bad.”

Neal Stephenson

Revenge Quotes in Hamlet

“Success is the best revenge.” – Kanye West

“Survival was my only hope, success my only revenge.” – Patricia Cornwell

“A merciful heart beats contently stronger than many vengeful ones.” – Munia Khan

“Revenge is a confession of pain.” – Latin Proverb

“The best revenge is to live on and prove yourself.” – Eddie Vedder

“The best revenge is to show them that your life is getting better after they’re gone.” – Nishan Panwar

Revenge Quotes for Ex

“Revenge is always the weak pleasure of a little and narrow mind.” – Juvenal

“The man who seeks revenge digs two graves.” – Ken Kesey

“Revenge proves its own executioner.” – John Ford

Revenge Quotes Funny

“The best revenge is to be unlike him who performed the injury.” – Marcus Aurelius

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“Real revenge is making something of yourself.” – Gerard Way

“Revenge can only be found on the road to self-destruction.” – Wayne Gerard Trotman

“The noblest revenge is to forgive.” – Thomas Fuller

“Revenge his foul and most unnatural murder.” – King Hamlet

“An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Revenge Quotes in English

What Is the Saying About Vengeance?

The saying isrevenge is a dish best served cold.” This means that it is better to take revenge when the person who wronged you is not expecting it.

Is It Ok to Seek Revenge?

There is no one answer to whether it is ok to seek revenge. Some people believe that it is never ok to seek revenge, while others believe that it is only natural to want revenge when someone has wronged them. There are a variety of reasons why people may seek revenge, such as feeling like they have been wronged, wanting to restore justice, or feeling like they need to protect themselves or others. Ultimately, whether or not someone believes it is ok to seek revenge is a personal decision.

What Is a Good Quote About Life?

There are many good quotes about life, but one that resonates with me is by Lao Tzu: “Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.”

This quote reminds me to go with the flow of life and not to fight against the changes that happen. Life is always changing and it is important to accept those changes, even if they are tough to go through.

What Is a Good Quote About Karma?

A good quote about karma iskarma is like a boomerang, what goes around comes around.” This quote is often used to describe the idea that if someone does something bad, they will eventually be punished for it.

The author of the blog post Revenge Quotes appears to be someone who has been wronged in the past and is now seeking revenge. The quotes they have chosen to share are all about getting even with someone who has done you wrong. While some of the quotes are inspiring, others are more ominous and foreboding. It‘s clear that the author is not someone to be messed with, and they will make sure to get revenge on anyone who tries to cross them.

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