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15 Best Ishiro Honda Quotes

Ishiro Honda was a Japanese film director and producer. He is best known for his work on the Godzilla franchise and his collaboration with Akira Kurosawa. Honda‘s films are known for their use of special effects and their humanistic approach to storytelling. In this post, we will be sharing some of most famous Ishiro Honda Quotes. These quotes provide insight into Honda’s thinking on filmmaking and life in general. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we did!

Ishiro Honda was a Japanese film director and producer who is best known for his work on the Godzilla franchise. He directed and produced several of the Godzilla films, as well as other popular Japanese films such as Mothra and Rodan. Honda‘s films were often filled with social commentary, and he was known for his use of special effects to bring his monsters to life. He was a pioneer in the use of miniatures and stopmotion animation, and his work helped to shape the Japanese film industry. Honda died in 1993, but his legacy continues to influence filmmakers today.

A collection of memorable Ishiro Honda Quotes, a Japanese film director best known for his work on Godzilla.

Honda Ishiro Quotes
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14+ Best Ishiro Honda Quotes

” Monters are born too tall, too strong, too heavy, they are not evil by choice. That is their tragedy.”-Ishiro Honda 

”Something new, and strange, must be created.”-Ishiro Honda 

”The university had a film department but it was a film department in name only as it didn’t have any facilities, any equipment or any books; I think I saw a camera twice in my entire time there. We didn’t have many classes teaching us about movies. Most of the instructors were from the film industry and told us it was impossible to teach film in a classroom, so they usually cancelled classes. As a result, I went to the movies more often and took notes.”-Ishiro Honda 

”The intention of not only the screenwriter, but also the entire production staff, was to focus on how people would react if a creature such as Godzilla really did appear. “-Ishiro Honda 

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” There previously had been no monster like him. So, people were frightened, and shocked, by him.”-Ishiro Honda 

Ishiro Honda Quotes

” Now, when Godzilla appears in a city, most of the buildings are even taller than he is! The image of what a monster is shouldn’t stay the same. It should be different so that people will be shocked and surprised, just as they were by GODZILLA”-Ishiro Honda 

”Monters do not attack people because they want to, but because of their size and strength, mankind has no other choice but to defend himself. “-Ishiro Honda 

”After several stories such as this, people end up having a kind of affection for the monsters. They end up caring about them.”-Ishiro Honda 

” I very much wanted to explore that idea, but because of financial constraints, I was not allowed to do so. Only the idea of an island of monsters survived.”-Ishiro Honda 

” I don’t fault the members of the production department, though, because I know that that is what Toho’s executives are demanding.”-Ishiro Honda 

Honda Ishiro
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Ishiro Honda

”Godzilla was a product of the times.”Ishiro Honda 

” What would the politicians do? How about the scientists? How would the military handle the situation? Given this, it was inevitable that the film would seem at least somewhat like a documentary.”-Ishiro Honda 

”Ghidrah was merely meant to be a modern interpretation of the eight-headed snake of Japanese myth.”-Ishiro Honda 

Honda Ishiro Quotes

”Eventually, we came up with the idea of an island on which all of the monsters had been collected for scientific study. You see, we imagined that undersea farming would be required to feed all of the monsters.”-Ishiro Honda 

”The original idea [for Destroy All Monsters!] was to show all of the monsters. We then started thinking about undersea farming.”-Ishiro Honda 

Honda Ishiro Quotes
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Did Ishirō Honda Make Godzilla?

Ishirō Honda was a Japanese film director who is best known for his work on the Godzilla film franchise. Honda directed the original Godzilla film in 1954, as well as its sequel, Godzilla Raids Again, in 1955. He also directed the third Godzilla film, King Kong vs. Godzilla, in 1962.

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In What Year Was Ishirō Honda’s Gojira Made?

Ishirō Hondas Gojira was made in 1954. It is a Japanese science fiction monster movie. The movie was inspired by the 1952 American scifi classic The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms. In the film, a giant prehistoric creature is awakened from its undersea hibernation by American nuclear testing. The creature, dubbedGojira by the locals, attacks Tokyo, leaving a path of destruction in its wake. The film was a commercial and critical success, and spawned a franchise of sequels, remakes, and spinoffs.

Where Was Ishirō Honda Born?

Ishirō Honda was a Japanese film director and screenwriter who was born in Tokyo, Japan on May 7, 1911. He is best known for his work on the Godzilla franchise, as well as for his collaboration with Akira Kurosawa on the films Seven Samurai and The Hidden Fortress.

What Was the Budget for Godzilla 1954?

The original Godzilla film from 1954 had a budget of about $1 million. The movie was a huge success and spawned an entire franchise. The budget for the sequel, Godzilla Raids Again, was only $300,000. Toho Studios would go on to produce many more Godzilla films over the years, with budgets ranging from $3 million to $30 million.

Ishiro Honda was a legendary Japanese film director and producer who was best known for his work on the Godzilla franchise. He was a true pioneer in the world of special effects and monster movies, and his work has inspired generations of filmmakers. Ishiro Honda Quotes are filled with wisdom and insight, and they provide a fascinating glimpse into his creative process. Whether you’re a fan of his work or not, there’s no denying that Ishiro Honda was a true master of his craft.

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