Kissing and Making Love Quotes

Making Love Quotes

When it comes to love, there are a lot of different quotes out there. Whether youre looking for something sweet to say to your significant other, or youre trying to be a little more cheesy, theres a love quote out there for you. In this blog post, weve gathered some of the best making love quotes to help inspire you.

When two people are deeply in love with each other, they may express their love physically by making love. This is usually done by kissing, caressing, and sexual intercourse. Making love is a very intimate act that is usually only shared between two people who are deeply in love with each other.

Making Love Quotes

Looking for the best love quotes to help you express your emotions? Check out our collection of the best love quotes to help you say what you really mean.

“Passion begins where your bodies unite and ends where your souls dance. When your spirits can join together at the same time as your bodies become one, then all of You will be making love. There will be nothing left between You that is not love. This is sacred communion. This is ecstasy.” — Barbara De Angelis

“Qu’est-ce-que faire l’amour ? c’est languir après le tout proche, comme si une fois levés tout les obstacles, , dans le contact des peaux, et l’entralacement des epidermes, l’Autre refusait encore de se laisser prendre.”

Alain Finkielkraut, La Sagesse de l’amour

“There is no reason to hate anybody, because we came into existence, not by hate-making, but through love-making.”

Michael Bassey Johnson, Song of a Nature Lover

Kissing and Making Love Quotes

“Falling in love, making love, having baby, if all sprinkled with the love, You will know how to be a man; how give love and how to receive it.” Taham said. “You learn the rules of love so You can love people, love yourself and reach the true love without austerity.”

from “Goddess of Passion”, book One — F.J. Namini

”For Tahitians there is nothing more desirable than love, being loved and making love. They Are in love with the idea of love even more than they Are with a real person.

Love is free, passion unrestrained and wild, and all love stories, no matter how long they last, One day, a year or forever, Are equally beautiful”. — Carol Vorvain

“Making love with strangers is how you get hurt.”

Dominic Riccitello

Making Love Quotes for Him

Love Making Love Quotes

“Do you think about making love with me?”

I lie awake most nights, fantasizing about sleeping next to her … loving her. “Right now, muneca, makin’ love to you is the only thing on my mind.”

Simone Elkeles, Perfect Chemistry

“[Some] people really expect the passion of love to fill and gratify every need of life, whereas nature only intended that it should meet One of many demands. They insist on making it stand for all the emotional pleasures of Life and art; expecting an individual and self-limited passion to yield infinite variety, pleasure, and distraction, and to contribute to their lives what the arts and the pleasurable exercise of the intellect gives to less limited and less intense idealists”. — Willa Cather

Passion Making Love Quotes

“There’s a huge difference in sex and making love. We have sex with someone who can satisfy us physically, but We make love to someone who can satisfy us soulfully and eternally. Once You realize the fine-line between making love and having sex, You will understand the meaning of life! Life isn’t only about survival, it’s about living and so is making love. We have sex to satisfy our lust and hunger, which is nothing, but survival, but We make love to feed our soul and our mind, to fill a void that is there since a long time, that longs for a partner and that needs someone whom We want to spend the next morning with!

When You have sex Just for Physical pleasure, You Are Ashamed and Guilty at One Point of Life or another, but When You make love to someone who means everything to you, You Are always proud of it. Never in life, not even a single time, You regret that time and the moments spent with that person. You will always rejoice it and remember it with equal passion and joy.” — Mehek Bassi

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You Make Me Happy Quote

“There was no world, no land, no god or heaven or earth outside of their two bodies naked and trembling in the act of love.”

Roman Payne

“We made love outdoors

Without a roof, I like most,

Without stove, to make love, assuming the weather be fair and balmy, and the earth beneath be clean. Our souls intertwined and gushing of dew.”

Roman Payne

“The parallels between making love and giving birth Are clear, not only in terms of passion and love, but also because We need essentially the same conditions for both experiences: privacy and safety.” — Sarah J. Buckley

Making Love Quotes for Him

“He danced the way he made love, with passion and tenderness and spirit, communicating with hands and eyes the most subtle messages, tenderly making up for Lila’s awkwardness. In his lashes and his hair, mist clung in tiny diamond drops. She could not take her eyes from him”. — Ruth Wind

“Making love? It’s a communion with a woman. The bed is the holy table. There I find passion

and purification”. — Omar Sharif

“And although passion was the ugly side of Love, passion made love-making fun. Himeros made lovers lusty, passionate & violent. It aroused sexual excitement & also brutality, & thus when love turned to Chaos, Himeros was to blame. Thus, When Eros reunited Sky & Earth in the union of love, Himeros made Uranus so awful to Gaea that she had to resort to having him castrated” — Nicholas Chong

Making Love Quotes for Her

“Making love, sensing how he felt about her in the high tide of passion, seeing herself through his eyes, brought her to an ecstasy beyond words.” — Thomm Quackenbush

“Our lips were for each other and our eyes were full of dreams. We knew nothing of travel and We knew nothing of loss. Ours was a world of eternal spring, until the summer came.” ― Roman Payne

“This is us, making love. She always made love as if it were for the last time, that was how she did everything, how she led her life; but for us, though neither of us knows it, this in fact is the last time. The last time for these breasts. The breasts of Helen of Troy were so astonishing that When she bared them to her husband at the fall of Troy, Menelaus was unable to do her harm. The sword fell from his nerveless hand. This is the woman I love and these Are her breasts. I run this tape over and over in my head. Did You show the earthquake your breasts, Vina, did You bare them to the god of storms, why didn’t you, if You did You might, You surely would, Have survived.” ― Salman Rushdie

First Time Making Love Quotes

“Making love, she’d always believed, was more than simply a pleasurable act between two people. It encompassed all that a couple was supposed to share: trust & commitment, hopes & dreams, a promise to make it through whatever the future might bring.”

Nicholas Sparks, Nights in Rodanthe

Love Making Love Quotes

“I took her to bed with silk and song

‘Lay still, my love, I won’t be long,

I must prepare my body for passion.’

‘O, your body you give, but all else you ration…”

Roman Payne

“The only way to behave to a woman is to make love to her if she is pretty, and to someone else if she is plain.”

Oscar Wilde, The Importance of Being Earnest

“Favoring ‘resolution’ the way we do, it is hard for us men to write great love stories. Why?, because we want to tell too much. We aren’t satisfied unless at the end of the story the characters are lying there, panting.”

Roman Payne

Passion Making Love Quotes

“We made love outdoors—without a roof, I like most, without stove, my favorite place, assuming the weather be fair and balmy, and the earth beneath be clean. Our souls intertwined and dripping with dew, and our love for each other was seen. Our love for the world was new.”

Roman Payne

“I blame my mother for my poor sex life. All she told me was ‘the man goes on top and the woman underneath.’ For three years my husband and I slept in bunk beds.”

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Joan Rivers

“SAUL: ‘We made love outdoors, my favorite place to make love, assuming the weather be fair and balmy, and the earth beneath be clean. Our souls intertwined and dripping with sweat.”

Roman Payne

Passion Making Love Quotes

When Making Love Quotes

“If this were a different time, a different place, I would take you to bed with me and make love to you for days.”

Anne Stuart, Black Ice

“He never knew a single second could be expanded into something timeless and so archaic. It shook him to his core – there were no words for it.”

Dianna Hardy, The Sands Of Time

“But Katie knew it was a sin, had known from the moment she made the decision to lie with Adam. However, the transgression wasn’t making love without the sanction of marriage. It was that for the first time in her life, Katie had put herself first. Put her own wants and needs above everything and everyone else.”

Jodi Picoult, Plain Truth

How do you express deep love in words?

There is no one answer to this question, as everyone expresses deep love differently. For some people, expressing deep love in words may come naturally and easily, while others may find it more difficult to express their feelings in words. However, there are some general tips that can help anyone express deep love in words, regardless of how they typically express themselves.

Some tips for expressing deep love in words include speaking from the heart, being specific about why you love the person, and expressing your feelings in both words and actions. It is also important to be genuine, honest, and authentic when expressing your love for someone. Ultimately, the best way to express deep love in words is to simply say what you feel and mean what you say.

What to say to make her feel special?

There is no one perfect answer to make someone feel special. However, some thoughtful and genuine words of appreciation or admiration can go a long way. You could tell your partner how lucky you feel to be with them, how much you appreciate their support, or how much you admire their strength and resilience. Whatever you say, be sure to express your sincerity and gratitude. A few heartfelt words can make all the difference in making your partner feel loved and special.

How Do You Show Love?

There are many ways to show love. You can show love by giving someone your time, by being thoughtful and present, and by doing things for them that you know they would appreciate. You can also show love by being supportive and understanding, and by always being there for someone when they need you. Ultimately, how you show love will be unique to the person you are showing it to, and it is always important to communicate with them about what they need and how you can best support them.

How do I make him cry for love?

There is no surefire way to make someone cry for love, but there are certain things you can do to increase the chances. First, try being as loving and attentive as possible. Show your partner that you care deeply for them and are always thinking about their happiness. Next, try expressing your love in creative ways, such as through art, music, or poetry. Finally, be willing to sacrifice your own happiness for your partner‘s, and be prepared to go the extra mile to make them feel loved. If you do all of these things, you‘ll have a much better chance of making your partner cry for love.

The blog post covers a wide range of love quotes, from famous authors and poets to everyday people. The quotes vary in tone and message, but all convey the power and beauty of love. The author offers readers a chance to reflect on their own experiences with love, and how the quotes resonate with them. In conclusion, the blog post is a touching and thoughtprovoking exploration of love in all its forms.

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