If Someone Forgets Your Birthday Take It as a Compliment

When Someone Forgets Your Birthday Quotes

When someone forgets your birthday, it can be a feeling of abandonment or neglect. But, don’t worry, there are plenty of quotes that will make you feel better.

No one likes to feel forgotten, especially on their birthday. For those who have had the unfortunate experience of someone forgetting their birthday, these quotes are for you. They will remind you that you are not alone and that your friends and family still love and care for you.

When Someone Forgets Your Birthday Quotes

“But I remembered theirs?”

“It’s not like they’ve even got lots going on…”

While it’s always a nice thing to be wished a happy birthday, if you are no longer eleven years-old there is no reason to be making a big deal out of it. It’s childish.

“I spent hours choosing their present!”

“Well, they bought [shared close friend] a birthday present”

If it’s someone I care about I’m sad for a bit, and then move on. Once it’s forgotten it’s forgotten, and apologies don’t make it any better. They’ve already shown they don’t care.

You Forgot My Birthday Sad Quotes

“Okay, that’s fine, I’ll just conveniently forget theirs too.”

“We’ve been talking for 10 minutes and they still haven’t said Happy Birthday.”

“Maybe I should have reminded them?”

everyone forgets my birthday quotes

My father never remembered my birthday, but always remembered my brother’s and sister’s.

“Maybe they’re doing it on purpose as a joke?!”

“I’ll give it another hour and then I’ll definitely say something”

 “Wait, is it actually my birthday?”

Everyone Forgets My Birthday Quotes

“You know what, they’ve probably got bigger and more tropical fish to fry”

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Are we to understand that today’s your birthday and you’re fishing for salutations???

I knew somebody who was around 40 that would actually take the day off from work because it was her birthday. I thought that was a bit excessive.

Almost everyone forgot about my birthday this year, but I don’t blame them, I barely know which days it

I try to make it a point of wishing my Facebook Friends a Happy Birthday on the site .I know it is kinda trite but I also know that this might be the only acknowledgment some of them might get . So I am happy to do it .

Thanks for Forgetting My Birthday

I’m the one who always forgets. And I’m sorry. I think my brother and most of my friends know to expect me to forget by now and don’t take it personally, anymore.

When Someone Forgets Your Birthday Meme

I have my Alexa app, notify all my family members’ Alexa apps, to send me well wishes through said Alexa apps and back. I only communicate thru apps. Right now I’m not even typing this. It’s an app.

My dad has forgotten most of my life. He’s never been too interested in me.

OP no one cares you were born in the first place – they’re certainly not going to send you balloons to remind us you’re still here.

My mother forgot my birthday last year. It happens. What bothered me more is that she remembered everyone else’s.

When Someone Forgets Your Birthday Meme

My mother forgot it was my 16th birthday.

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I don’t think it happened. I think they lied about the date.

Nope, R1, I don’t need salutations, just trying to put it in context. Thanks for the Bronx cheer, though.

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May a loved one never die on your birthday. Think it through.

Well, I’m not 9 yrs old, so I can’t imagine caring one way or the other.

The only way to prevent this from happening, if remembering your birthday matters to you, is to remind your friends it is coming in the two weeks ahead. Only remind them once.

If Someone Forgets Your Birthday, Take It as a Compliment

My own mother forgot my birthday a few years ago…and I was her firstborn

I was born on December 26, the day after Christmas. I’m always amazed if someone DOES remember it.

OP if you expect everyone to forget your birthday, then you are pleasantly surprised when they don’t.

I’ve always felt birthdays, like Christmas, are for kids. I try to remember them, but don’t make much effort, and I couldn’t care less if someone remembers mine. I do something for myself, and if someone joins me, that’s always nice.

When Your Best Friend Forgets Your Birthday Quotes

Yes people forget mine and I forget others.

When someone forgets your birthday, it can be quite a letdown. But don’t worry, we’ve got the best quotes to make you feel better.

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