What to Say to Someone Who Has Hurt You but You Still Love Them

You Hurt Me but I Still Love You Quotes

Love can be a complicated thing. You might try to forget someone and move on with your life, but you can’t let go of the memories. The memories keep haunting you and no matter how hard you try – they won’t let go. Relationships are hard and they test all your limits. When it comes to relationships, people sometimes say that love is blind. But we are not such fools that we don’t believe in it anymore – because when two people love each other enough – they will never give up on each other no matter what happens or how many times they get hurt by them.

Love doesn’t have a perfect definition – sometimes it’s messy, complicated, confusing and hurtful but in the end, it is always worth it because there’s nothing like the feeling of being loved deeply. The best things in life happen when you’re already doing good and making progress.

Quotes about loving someone who hurt you/You hurt me but I still love you quotes. These quotes are perfect for anyone who has been wronged and is still able to love.

You Hurt Me but I Still Love You Quotes

In the past, people have always used love quotes to express their feelings for someone. If you are looking for some love quotes, we have gathered a list of the best and most famous ones.

‘‘I may have been terrible but you always remind of my past and always hurt but I forgive you. I love you so.’’

‘‘What you did in the past no longer counts. What is important is who you are now. Even though you had hurt me I forgive you.’’

‘‘I forgive you for not backing off like a coward even though you hurt me. You owned up to your responsibility like a real man. Don’t forget that I still love you.’’

‘‘You have been like a beast to me but I forgive you because I love you’’

‘‘You only remind me of my own weakness and shortcomings any time I feel hurt by you. You hurt me but I still love you.’’

‘‘You don’t have to feel worthless because you hurt me. I love you still so I forgive you.’’

‘‘I appreciate every detail of what you are going through so I forgive you. Even though you hurt me.’’

He Hurt Me but I Still Love Him Quotes

What to Say to Someone Who Has Hurt You but You Still Love Them

‘‘I forgive you because you are a changed person now. What you did is not who you are. That person is in the past. I love the person you are now.’’

‘‘As your lover, my forgiveness is your entitlement. I forgive you from my heart. I still love you.’’

‘‘It is much too difficult to forgive you but it is much more worth it because I love you, so I forgive you.’’

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‘‘Refusing to forgive you doesn’t make you any worse. It will only show my ugly side, so I forgive you.’’

‘‘You gave me one reason to be hurt but I found many more reasons to forgive you. I still love you’’

When Someone You Love Hurt You Quotes

‘‘I forgive you even before you offend me so even though you hurt me, I still love you’’

‘‘My love for you is so much, I can not hold any grudge against you. I love you so I forgive you.’’

‘‘Before you commit it, my love for you has already forgiven you without any record of any wrong. You hurt me but my love for you remains.’’

‘‘You hurt me but your offence did not reduce your value so I forgive you. I love you.’’

‘‘Part of me is angry with you but the whole of me has forgiven you because I love you’’

‘‘Your mistake/offence doesn’t make me perfect and so I know I am also capable of hurting someone so I forgive you.’’

He Hurt Me but I Still Love Him Quotes

‘‘For every wrong you commit against me, I take responsibility because if I didn’t love you, you won’t get the chance to hurt me so badly but I forgive you as I still love you.’’

‘‘It takes bravery for you to hurt me so badly every time but much more bravery to accept my forgiveness. You know I love you right? I have forgiven you.’’

‘‘My heart is ready to love you and the only way to do so is to forgive every hurt you cause me and let go every offence.’’

‘‘Even though you hurt me, I still love you so I forgive you in order for me to be alright, happy, and contented.’’

‘‘It takes a lot of courage to forgive and a lot more to ask for forgiveness so even though you hurt me, I forgive you because you ask and I still love you.’’

‘‘I feel betrayed because I trusted you but I forgive you because I love you and my love for you can trust you again.’’

Even Though You Hurt Me I Still Love You Quotes

‘‘By forgiving you I protect my vulnerabilities and show you my powerful self because I let you into my vulnerabilities and you betrayed it.’’

‘‘I want to be your heart because you broke mine and I know yours is a broken one and only the person whose heart you broke can repair yours.’’

‘‘You hurt me by not giving me the love I deserve but I forgive you because I love you still.’’

‘‘Even though you hurt me, I still love you and I forgive you because my heart is capable of forgiving you.’’

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How Can You Hurt Someone You Love Quotes

U Hurt Me but I Still Love You Quotes

‘‘My love for you crushes all the wrongs you do against me. I forgive you’’

‘‘You hurt me but I forgive you, my love. Forgive yourself so we can move forward.’’

‘‘I won’t let you destroy my trust in people so I forgive you because I love you.’’

‘‘If I don’t forgive you, I betray you and I don’t want to because you betrayed me and I know how it feels to be betrayed. I love you still even though you hurt me.’’

‘‘I forgive you as you not only hurt me but ”us” hurting yourself in the process. You hurt you more when you offend me because you betray your own heart.’’

People say that love is a beautiful thing, but that it hurts. People have different reasons for feeling this way, but at the end of the day we all want it. We all long for it in one way or another.

How Can You Hurt Someone You Love Quotes

Love is what drives us to do things we might not normally do and to try so hard for things that might seem impossible. It brings out the best in people and is what makes them feel wanted and needed; desired and special; loved and understood.

You hurt me, but I still love you.

I knew it would happen someday.

I just didn’t want it to be today.

I was hoping you would never do this to me.

But what can I do? I love you too much to walk away and let you go.

1. Why do people stay in relationships even when they’re unhappy?

There can be many reasons why people stay in unhappy relationships. Maybe they hope things will get better, or they‘re afraid of being alone. In some cases, people might stay in a relationship because they‘re afraid of what others will think if they break up.

2. Why does love hurt sometimes?

Love can hurt sometimes because it‘s not always easy. Relationships take work and sometimes people make mistakes. When we care about someone, it can be hard to see them make choices that we don‘t agree with or that hurt us.

3. How can I stop loving someone who hurts me?

It can be difficult to stop loving someone who hurts you, but it is possible. It might help to remind yourself of the reasons why you‘re no longer together and why it‘s not healthy for you to continue loving this person. It‘s also important to focus on taking care of yourself and your own happiness.

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