Inspirational Quotes for Actors

Acting Motivational Quotes

If you‘re looking for some words of wisdom to motivate you to pursue your dreams of becoming an actor, look no further than this collection of acting motivational quotes. From advice on going after what you want in life to tips on staying focused and dedicated to your craft, these quotes will inspire you to achieve your goals. So read on, get motivated, and start chasing your Hollywood dreams today!

Need some motivation to get started on your acting career? Check out these acting motivational quotes!

Acting Motivational Quotes

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” ~ Walt Disney

“I always tell the truth. Even when I lie.” ~ Al Pacino

“My father taught me that you can you read a hundred books on wisdom and write a hundred books on wisdom, but unless you apply what you learned then its only words on a page. Life is not lived with intentions, but action.”― Shannon Alder

“Actors in any capacity, artists of any stripe, are inspired by their curiosity, by their desire to explore all quarters of life, in light and in dark, and reflect what they find in their work. Artists instinctively want to reflect humanity, their own and each other’s, in all its intermittent virtue and vitality, frailty and fallibility.”― Tom Hiddleston

Motivation Action Quotes

Famous Quotes About Acting

“With any part you play, there is a certain amount of yourself in it. There has to be, otherwise it’s just not acting. It’s lying.” ~ Johnny Depp

“Action may not always bring happiness; but there is no happiness without action.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

“I’m not a film star; I am an actress. Being a film star is such a false life, lived for fake values and for publicity.” ~ Vivien Leigh

Inspirational Quotes for Actors

“Plants are more courageous than almost all human beings: an orange tree would rather die than produce lemons, whereas instead of dying the average person would rather be someone they are not.”― Mokokoma Mokhonoana

“There’s a difference between playing and playing games. The former is an act of joy, the latter — an act.”― Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

“They are the only honest hypocrites, their life is a voluntary dream, a studied madness.” ~ William Hazlitt

Inspirational Actor Quotes

“It’s an acting job – acting natural.” ~ Alistair Cooke

“I must work harder to achieve my goal of not seeking approval from those whose approval I’m not even sure is important to me.”― Lauren Graham, Someday, Someday, Maybe

“There is no overacting, only untrue acting.” ~ Stellan Skarsgard

“I am a proud participant of the Spencer Tracy School of Acting: Know your lines, don’t bump into the furniture.” ~ Danny Bonaduce

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“Only the gentle are ever really strong.” ~ James Dean

Inspirational Acting Quotes

“I wish to Heaven I was married,” she said resentfully as she attacked the yams with loathing. “I’m tired of everlastingly being unnatural and never doing anything I want to do. I’m tired of acting like I don’t eat more than a bird, and walking when I want to run and saying I feel faint after a waltz, when I could dance for two days and never get tired. I’m tired of saying, ‘How wonderful you are!’ to fool men who haven’t got one-half the sense I’ve got, and I’m tired of pretending I don’t know anything, so men can tell me things and feel important while they’re doing it… I can’t eat another bite.”― Margaret Mitchell, Gone with the Wind

“I’m sure acting is a deeply neurotic thing to do.” ~ Ralph Fiennes

“An actress must never lose her ego — without it she has no talent.” ~ Norma Shearer

“I always had a repulsive need to be something more than human. I felt very puny as a human. I thought, ‘Fuck that. I want to be a superhuman.”― David Bowie

Actor Inspirational Quotes

Ips Motivational Quotes in English

“The mere mechanical technique of acting can be taught, but the spirit that is to give life to lifeless forms must be born in a man. No dramatic college can teach its pupils to think or to feel. It is Nature who makes our artists for us, though it may be Art who taught them their right mode of expression.” ~ Oscar Wilde

“It’s the actors who are prepared to make fools of themselves who are usually the ones who come to mean something to the audience.” ~ Christian Bale

Actor Inspirational Quotes

“Celebrity is death – celebrity – that’s the worst thing that can happen to an actor.” ~ Glenn Close

“I’ve learned to get really good at this – say one thing when I’m thinking about something else, act like I’m listening when I’m not, pretend to be calm and happy when I’m really freaking out. It’s one of the skills you perfect as you get older”― Lauren Oliver, Delirium

“Acting means living, it’s all I do.” ~ Morgan Freeman

“I’m involved in some action scenes, so they’ll train me for that. I’ll be working with my acting coach to prepare for my character.” ~ Aaliyah

“I was planning to go into architecture. But when I arrived, architecture was filled up. Acting was right next to it, so I signed up for acting instead.” ~ Gilbert K. Chesterton

How Do You Say Good Acting?

There‘s no one answer to this question because it depends on what you personally think makes for good acting. However, some common qualities that are often cited as making for a good actor or actress include the ability to convincingly inhabit a role and make it your own, to be emotionally honest and present in your performance, to have strong instincts and be able to make choices in the moment, and to have a strong work ethic.

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How Do You Appreciate Good Acting?

In my opinion, there are a few key elements that make up good acting. Firstly, the actor must be believable in their role. They must be able to transport the audience to the world they are creating on stage or on screen. Secondly, the actor must be able to make the audience feel something. They should be able to make us laugh, cry, or feel suspense. Lastly, the actor must be able to tell a story. They should be able to hold our attention and keep us engaged throughout their performance.

Inspirational Acting Quotes

What Are Some Theatre Quotes?

“Theatre is not a place for cowardly people.” – Pearl Cleage

“Theatre is a collaborative art. It is the sum total of the vision, the imagination, the passion, the hard work, the dedication, and the sacrifice of everyone involved.” – Michael Seibert

“Theatre is about challenging ourselves to see the world in new ways, to find commonality in our differences, and to tell stories that inspire us to be better people.” – Anna Deavere Smith

“Theatre is about life. It is perhaps the most immediate way we have of sharing our common humanity.” – Edward Albee

“Theatre is a celebration of the human spirit. It is an art form that allows us to laugh, to cry, to think, and to feel.” – Viola Davis

What Do You Say to an Actor for Good Luck?

A lot of people believe that sayingbreak a leg to an actor before they go on stage is bad luck. However, the phrase actually has a long history in the theater community and is meant as a good luck wish. There are many other things you can say to an actor for good luck, depending on your relationship to them. For example, you might sayknockem dead orbreak a leg, kid.”

This blog post provides a great collection of Acting Motivational Quotes. The quotes are inspiring and provide a helpful reminder that success in acting is attainable with hard work and dedication.

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