Happy Birthday Little Princess Whatsapp Status

Happy Birthday Princess Quotes

Happy birthday, Princess! You are the most beautiful and special person in the world. You make everyone around you happy and we all love you very much. We hope you have a wonderful day!

Princesses are born every day, and on each princess’s birthday, they should be celebrated with some amazing quotes!

Happy Birthday Princess Quotes

‘‘How is my favorite party girl? Are you ready for the most awaited event of the year? Put on your best party dress and make sure you wear your killer heels because tonight, not only we be looking so fab, but we will also party hard! Best birthday, princess!’’

‘‘Happy birthday, little angel! My happiness becomes boundless to see your healthy growth. Grab the opportunities that life offers you. I will be with you to guide you in the way of life, to cheer for you in the success and to comfort you in sadness. Love you always!’’

Happy Birthday Little Princess Whatsapp Status

‘‘Wishing you all the vodka and margaritas in the world! There’s never a dull moment when you are around. Happy birthday princess!’’

Blessing Birthday Wishes for Little Princess

‘‘I am pretty sure you have tried on more than 10 outfits for tonight’s party, right? Best bday, baby girl! Have lots of fun tonight, you have all the right to be happy today. Enjoy your day!’’

‘‘My brave little warrior, happy birthday! It’s your last year of the 1st decade. Soon you’ll enter one of the most important phases of life. You may make mistakes but don’t forget to take lessons from mistakes. May God show you the path leads to the light!’’

‘‘What’s the plan for tonight? Couple of tequila? A night for Netflix marathon? Whatever you want, I’m in because it’s your birthday! Wishing you all the best this world could ever offer. I hope you enjoy your day!’’

‘‘You are the ray of sunshine in my life and I’ll always fight for your happiness. Many congratulations dear on your birthday! Learn more to know more. I know, God has the best plan for the best child like you.’’

Happy Birthday Little Princess Whatsapp Status

‘‘Carrying you in my tummy for 9 months is not the easiest experience I had but it’s the greatest thing in the world. Having to give birth on a wonderful baby princess like you is such an amazing experience and I will never regret any minute of it. On this very same day, I saw you for the first time and I cried my heart out for joy. Best birthday, angel! I love you forever and ever.’’

Happy Birthday Little Queen

‘‘Daughter, Happy Birthday. May your day be filled with happiness and love. May all of your wishes and dreams be fulfilled on your special day, as ours was the day you were born.’’

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Happy Birthday Little Princess Niece

‘‘I can’t believe you are a big girl now, it seems like yesterday when we first daw you all slimy and yucky. Kidding! We love you so much, baby girl. You are God’s blessing to me and your mom. You are our little treasure and we wish you all the good things on your birthday. Happy birthday, sweetie pie!’’

‘‘Everyone else is hurrying up to move out of their parents’ house and go to college, but not me. I do not know how it would feel to go home in a house without you welcoming me and asking how my day was. I know that time would come because in a few months, I’ll be going off to college. But I just want to let you know that I will always be your princess. Happy bday, mommy.’’

‘‘To my sister from another mother, happiest birthday to you! I wish you the best years of your life and I wish us more amazing adventures together. Life is so much easier when you are around. I wish I can put you into my pocket and bring you wherever I go. Love you!’’

Happy Birthday Little Queen

‘‘You are the worst influence in me, I am surprised my mom does not hate you yet. Kidding! Best bday you! What’s our plan? Are we going to do amazing stuff today or are we having boring dinner with the gang? Anyway, I hope you’ll have a great one.’’

Today My Princess Birthday

‘‘Happiest birthday to the woman I love the most. In the few years that we have been together, you have been the best girl friend I could ever wish for. I am blessed to have met an amazing person like you. I love you more than anything.’’

‘‘It’s ridiculous how much I fell in love with you given the short amount of time that we are together. I could not be more lucky than this. I love you so much, baby. I hope you’ll have the best birthday today.’’

Happy Birthday in Advance to My Princess

‘‘My little granddaughter, happy birthday! I am so happy to celebrate your another birth anniversary with you. You’ve fulfilled my dream of becoming a grandma. May God enlighten your life in the same way you enlightened my world!’’

‘‘You always tell the kids that I am the superhero, that I am superman. But you know what, that’s totally wrong because you are the one who has super powers to taka care of us, pursue your dream career, and be the best mom and wife. I love you darling, we are blessed to have you. Happiest birthday to you!’’

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‘‘You’ve given us something that no one else could ever do — a daughter’s undying love, concern, loyalty, and devotion. There’s nothing greater, nothing more life-giving — except you yourself. Happy birthday, princess.’’

Today My Princess Birthday

‘‘Happy birthday our precious little one! You are all the life, light and love that we need in this crazy world we live in. May you grow into the best person you can be, we love you!’’

‘‘This day is truly a special day for us because this is the day when we first had a glimpse on our angel. Have a lovely birthday our dear princess!’’

‘‘Hey party girl, are you ready to have the most amazing night of your life? Get ready to party because we’ve prepared an awesome one for you. Happy birthday princess! Love you!’’

‘‘I don’t want your birthday wishes to come true! I want much more for you. I want everybody’s birthday wishes for you to come true. I love you. Happy birthday!’’

‘‘Happy birthday princess, our beautiful darling! You certainly bring joy and happiness to our heart each day. Thanks for giving us a reason to laugh every day. You certainly have made us so happy and we hope can do the same for you.’’

‘‘Check out the video Birthday Wishes for Princes.’’

‘‘Our darling little girl, we are so grateful that you came along. You have certainly made our world a million times richer than you could ever imagine. We love you, happy birthday princess!’’

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‘‘Happy Birthday to the child who stole my heart, and who has kept it all these years. Don’t worry about returning it; it’s happy where it is.’’

‘‘Cute and pretty, beautiful and lovely. Charming and bubbly, innocent and friendly. Dear princess, you are all of the above, endless for you is our love. Happy birthday.’’

‘‘Carrying you in my tummy for 9 months is not the easiest experience I had but it’s the greatest thing in the world. Having to give birth on a wonderful baby princess like you is such an amazing experience and I will never regret any minute of it. On this very same day, I saw you for the first time and I cried my heart out for joy. Happy birthday, angel! I love you forever and ever.’’

Wishing a very happy birthday to a special princess! You’re one in a million and we love you very much.

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