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Quotes From Korean Drama

Quotes From Korean Drama is a blog post that compiles some of the most memorable quotes from popular Korean dramas. These quotes range from the comical to the heartwarming, and provide a glimpse into the different aspects of Korean culture.

Looking for some Quotes From Korean Drama? Look no further! Here are some of the most popular and memorable quotes from some of the most popular Korean dramas out there.

Quotes From Korean Drama

“Everyone that fate brings together must part at least once, whether they like it or not.” – Koo Ryeon

“I wish you luck. Going through this life is the first time for all of us anyway.”
“Dance like no one is watching. Love like you’ve never been hurt. Sing like no one is listening. Work like you don’t need the money. Live life every day as if it were your last.”

“We’ll go and have a beer together and see the concert. We can say mean things about the Team Manager together. These are the little joys in life.” – Choi Junwoong

“Despite all the nasty comments, I believe that I’ve been able to do this work all this time because I’m talented. Then you don’t have to grovel to anyone.” – Cho Hui

Quotes From Korean Drama

Quotes From Korean Dramas

“There’s an Indian proverb that goes, ‘Sometimes, the wrong train takes you to the right station.’”
“There are moments when you suddenly realize something.”
“Why do you look at me like that?” “How else should I look at you?”

“It doesn’t matter how good your company is. The only thing that can keep you standing is your talent.” – Cho Hui

“I have no intention of achieving my dream at your sacrifice.” – Mr. Park

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“I guess people and animals are all the same. You go through hard times because of the people you love. But they also give you strength and are why you don’t lose hope.” – Jun Woong’s sister

Love Quotes From Korean Drama

“Don’t look for death. Death will find you.”

“Even though it has been a very long time, very few people come to find me with a look in their eyes like yours. I’m thinking there is a story behind it.” – Lee Jeong Mun

“Most people who make the wrong choice regret it for a long time but eventually, they forget. But sometimes, there are those who are forever haunted by their regrets.” – Director

Korean Quotes About Success

“Words immediately disappear after they are spoken, but if they are written down, they stay there for a long time.” – Young Lim Ryung-gu

“It’s amazing how our pets always wait for us when human relationships are never absolute, not even between parents and children.” – Mr. Lim

“There are no beings as pure as animals.” – Koo Ryeon

Life Quotes From Korean Drama

Inspirational Quotes From Korean Dramas

“Despite how long I’ve existed, I will probably never fully understand the love parents have for their children.” – Mr. Lim

“People still treating others like that. What has the world come to?” – Director

“Babies can hear and feel everything while in the womb. They can tell how much their parents love them, take care of them, and worry about them, no matter how young they are. They sense it instinctively because it’s the first love they receive in their lives.” – Mr. Lim

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Life Quotes From Korean Drama

“All the lovely things you told her. She’ll remember it all. Because you are her mom.” – Mr. Lim

“Live true to yourself without any regrets.” – Ms. Pang

“If you get to a point where you can’t tell a dream from real life, you’ll be in real danger.” – Koo Ryeon

What Are Some Drama Quotes?

There are many famous quotes about drama, both humorous and serious. Here are a few:

“Drama is like life with the dull bits left out.” – Alfred Hitchcock

“Drama is very important in life: You have to come on with a bang. You have to have very strong feelings. Without feelings of some kind, you won’t make it.” – Bette Davis

“Drama is all about conflict. And conflict doesn’t just mean two people yelling at each other. It can be Internal. It can be a character’s struggle with himself.” – Aaron Sorkin

What Is the Best Quote About Life?

There are many great quotes about life, but the best one is probably by Mark Twain:Life is short, break the rules, forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly, laugh uncontrollably, and never regret anything that made you smile.” This quote perfectly sums up what life should be about: enjoying the moment and living life to the fullest. So if you‘re ever feeling down or like you‘re not living your best life, just remember this quote and try to live by it.

The blog postQuotes From Korean Drama is a great way to learn about some of the most popular Korean dramas. The quotes provide a great insight into the characters and the stories.

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